Our Mission

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Who We Are

We believe finding a specialist to help you with your mental health should be tailored around you and who you are as a person.

That is why we created PsyMood. You can find mental health support based on the language you speak, your culture, religion and more. PsyMood allows you to match with a specialist who will understand you and how you are feeling.

Throughout the signup process, you will answer a few questions to help us find specialists that are made for you.

We are a small but mighty team that is passionate about ensuring you feel your best self. Together, we will get you the mental health support you deserve.

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To be the mental health tool of choice for the ethnic communities globally, helping them to achieve their full mental health potential through therapy, peer support, and content sharing.

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Open Communication

We promote collaboration, value new ideas and embrace innovation among our team and stakeholders.

Respect & Integrity

All members of our community have a safe space to express themselves and their opinion.

Diversity & Inclusion

By knowing that diversity is a fact and inclusion is a choice, we chose to embrace multiculturalism, social & racial equality and promote accessibility.

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