About Us

We are about creating change around mental health support.

Origin Story

Two friends from Brazil came to Canada and faced difficulty finding therapy in Portuguese. This made them wonder: if it was a struggle for them to find a specialist in their second language, how hard is it for immigrants in Canada to find one in their first language?

So they started PsyMood. Their dream is to break the barriers and stigmas about mental health and make it accessible to everyone, especially immigrants and minorities.

Rodrigo Bergel, Co Founder
Fred Neumann, Co Founder

Why join PsyMood?

We believe finding a specialist to help with your mental health should be tailored around who you are as a person. With Psymood, you can find mental health support based on the language you speak, your culture, religion, and more.

Psymood matches you with specialists who will understand you and how you are feeling. During the signup process, you will answer a few questions to help us find the specialists that are best for you.

We are a small but mighty team that is passionate about ensuring that you feel like your best self. Together, we will get you the mental health support you deserve.

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How It works

You can choose to meet with any specialist for an intake session to see if they meet your needs. If you aren’t sure if that specialist is right for you, you can book another 15-minute intake session with a different specialist until you have found the best match!

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