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Explore cultural nuances to the impact of intercultural relationships on mental health, this episode offers perspectives on why cultural diversity matters.

Welcome to the PsyMood Series Podcast Blog, where we explore the fascinating world of psychology and its impact on our mood and well-being.

In this special Episode 16 of the PsyMood Podcast, host Sally Seiriki discusses the significance of the “World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” with guest Argentina Simões, Psychotherapist. Argentina, a Brazilian psychologist, shares her insights on how understanding and embracing different cultures can enrich our lives, foster empathy, and promote global peace. From exploring cultural nuances to the impact of intercultural relationships on mental health, this episode offers valuable perspectives on why cultural diversity matters. Tune in to discover how you can enhance your cultural awareness and build stronger, more inclusive communities.


May 21st marks the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, a celebration initiated by UNESCO to highlight the richness of the world’s cultures and the crucial role intercultural dialogue plays in achieving peace and sustainable development. To discuss deeper into this important topic, we invited Argentina Simões, a Brazilian Psychologist, to share her perspectives on the PsyMood Podcast.


According to Argentina, the Importance of Understanding Culture is fundamental to understanding ourselves. “When you’re raised, you build yourself based on the cultural beliefs,” she explains. This self-awareness extends to recognizing how our cultural background influences our behaviours, values, and habits. In today’s globalized world, even those who do not travel extensively are exposed to diverse cultures through interactions in their communities and online.


Did you know worldwide, 89% of all current conflicts in the world occur in countries with low intercultural dialogue, to forge effective cooperation and sustain peace, strengthening intercultural dialogue must be a priority.


There are many benefits to becoming a person with cultural diversity awareness.  Argentina emphasizes that cultural diversity awareness fosters critical thinking and empathy.  We can better understand and respect diverse perspectives by learning about different cultures. This understanding can lead to more effective communication and collaboration in various aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional environments.


Ways to Experience and Learn About Culture


Here Argentina shares several methods for immersing oneself in different cultures:


  1. Have curiosity and do some research:  Start by reading books, watching documentaries, and exploring reliable sources about other cultures.
  2. Try to make direct social interaction: Engage with people from different backgrounds in your local community or through online platforms.
  3. Before visiting a new country think about immersive experiences: Travel, study, or work abroad to experience cultures firsthand. Even short-term trips can provide deep insights if you seek to interact with locals and participate in their daily lives.


From a psychological standpoint, Argentina notes that adapting to a new culture can be challenging and enriching. The process of cultural adaptation involves phases of cultural shock and cultural stress but ultimately leads to a broader worldview and greater emotional intelligence.


She shares an anecdote about a girl from the UK with a Brazilian mother, illustrating how even small cultural practices, like how to peel an orange, can differ significantly and offer learning opportunities. Such experiences help us appreciate the variety in human behaviour and thought.


Why Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is Good for Employees

Understanding other cultures broadens empathy and relationships and enhances our ability to connect with strangers. In professional settings, cultural awareness can improve teamwork and communication, while in personal relationships, it fosters deeper connections and mutual respect.


  • Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

  – Diverse perspectives lead to unique ideas and creative solutions.

  – Exposure to different viewpoints stimulates innovative thinking.


  • Improved Problem-Solving

  – Diverse teams approach problems from multiple angles.

  – A variety of perspectives enhances decision-making processes.


  • Better Employee Performance

  – Inclusive environments boost employee morale and motivation.

  – Employees feel valued and respected, leading to higher productivity.


  • Increased Adaptability

  – Exposure to diverse cultures enhances adaptability and flexibility.

  – Employees become more skilled at handling global challenges.


  • Enhanced Communication Skills

  – Interacting with colleagues from different backgrounds improves communication.

  – Employees learn to navigate and respect cultural differences.


  • Broader Market Insights

  – A diverse workforce provides insights into different markets and consumer needs.

  – Employees can better understand and serve a global customer base.


  • Stronger Team Dynamics

  – Diversity fosters mutual respect and teamwork.

  – Diverse teams are more cohesive and collaborative.


  • Higher Employee Satisfaction and Retention

  – Inclusive workplaces are more attractive to top talent.

  – Employees are more likely to stay in a supportive and diverse environment.


  • Better Reputation and Brand Image

  – Companies with diverse workforces are viewed positively.

  – A commitment to diversity attracts clients and partners who value inclusivity.


  • Compliance and Ethical Standards

  – Embracing diversity helps meet legal and ethical standards.

  – Companies demonstrate social responsibility and ethical leadership.


  • Cultural Competence

  – Employees develop a deeper understanding of cultural nuances.

  – This competence is crucial in global business interactions.


  • Innovative Solutions to Social Challenges

  – Diverse teams are more effective at addressing social and cultural challenges.

  – Employees bring varied experiences and insights to the table.


Celebrating cultural diversity is more than just recognizing differences; it is about embracing and learning from them. As Argentina Simões highlights, this journey of cultural understanding can lead to personal growth, better mental health, and a more harmonious world. So, this World Day for Cultural Diversity, let’s commit to exploring and appreciating the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our global community.


Listen to the full episode 16  with Argentina Simões on the PsyMood Podcast to gain more insights into the importance of cultural diversity and how you can actively participate in fostering intercultural dialogue.

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Bio: Argentina Simões, Psychotherapist

Hello, I am a Psychotherapist and I provide online sessions in Portuguese and English. Most of my practice is focused on Brazilians living abroad and foreigners, thus working in intercultural relationships, both in the personal and interpersonal spheres. I have an integrative approach, I am a specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and a Psychologist in Brazil.

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