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How the World Cup helps build Happier Communities

´Tis the World Cup season, and all our football-loving close ones are having a blast. We may already be passionate fans, or this might happen around us Regardless of how you relate to football, here are a few things to consider for your own sake:

Sense of Belonging

Though I’ve usually felt a bit like an outsider in team sports, I can tell you of a childhood friend who’s always the football guy. Sure, most kids like football, but he’s peerless, as in; uninterrupted captain of the school team, and monthly tournament organizer. 

More often than not, it’s during World Cup season that I feel closer to grasping what my friend holds so dear about football, and truly caring as a fan. Although I’ve never been a keen player, I´ve found the sheer enjoyment of my teammates and adversaries just as appealing, so spectating a match during school breaks has been my involvement with this sport. 

Now, this friend is visiting Qatar, and news from him always makes me smile. I think of the funniest childhood memories we’ve created, of how he’s glowing with happiness there, but mostly: how he’s sharing our culture and roots with the rest of the world!

Gathering with friends

Watching sporting events and games is one easy way to casually bond with workmates or friends. It establishes plenty of common themes to discuss: not to mention how cordial and relaxed everyone becomes. It’s not hard to enjoy!

Admittedly, maintaining the healthiest spectator culture comes with its challenges. To help with that, here are some tips for you to make the most out of the watch party.

Sportsmanship and team culture

Even though you may have a favourite team, be mindful and consider fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with people around you. This holds especially true if your team wins. Trust me, bad winners are way more annoying than bad losers.

If you sense a conversation is getting too heated, it’s frequently best to circle back to the topic of the game and reflect on how fun the game has been overall. If you’re too hung up on the referee’s fairness, for instance, you should stop to consider what an opposing team member would find the most just.

Don’t forget to breathe

Sometimes watching sports can be stressful or even cause anxiety. At times, the loudness of cheers and excitement can be overwhelming.

Remember to incorporate breaks to stretch and move around. While you’re at it, drink some water, and try to take three long breaths, emphasizing long exhalations.

What to expect from spectating

To summarize, remember that even the most occasional fans are guaranteed a lot more than fun:

  • A potent fitness inspiration.
  • A series of dopamine releases: before, during, and after the game.
  • Deeper bonds and conversations with your co-workers, friends, and family.
  • A chance to learn from others’ diverse perspectives and cultures.
  • A way to inspire healthy competitiveness.
  • A stronger sense of belonging.

Regardless of your background or football knowledge, the World Cup matches are a blessing for us to partake in and enjoy!

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