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Therapy, counselling or coaching can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have come from an environment within a family or culture that deems it unnecessary or shameful. However, at PsyMood we embrace talking about your feelings as a means to overcome past trauma, set personal goals and lead you to a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t stigmatize therapy. However, taking the first step can be tricky, and knowing when you’re ready to start therapy can be difficult too. So we have compiled a few tips to give you an indication of knowing when you are ready to start therapy.

You’re looking for change

Sometimes we may not know where we want to go but we know we’re ready for change. A therapy session can help understand where that new path might lead and implement practical steps to help you get there. This can be particularly successful through the use of coaching sessions, whereby your goals are set with steps put in place for you to follow in order to achieve them.

You’re open for self-reflection

Therapy can be used for many things and one of the most well-known reasons is to reflect on past experiences that are preventing future progression. This may also be known as trauma. Talking through your past experiences and understanding how they have shaped you personally and are potentially preventing you from developing is a great way to utilize a therapy session and progress yourself.

Your relationship needs some help

Relationships are difficult at the best of times, with life’s complexities and your own personal challenges often affecting the relationships you have with your partners or families. Therapy can be a great option to create open conversation, in a safe space with a therapist acting as a mediator. This could help improve your communication and relationship with a partner, family member or friend that you think you’re in need to help develop an open cooperative relationship with.

You need someone to talk to

Sometimes therapy can be right for you when you just know you’re ready to talk, and at PsyMood we are always ready to listen. We have over 350 specialists from around the world here to assist you. Contact one of our specialists for a FREE 15-minute intake session today and speak to someone from your cultural background that speaks your native language. Join today to start your mental health journey!

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