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En matière de santé mentale, les femmes sont presque deux fois plus susceptibles que les hommes d'être diagnostiquées comme souffrant de dépression ou d'anxiété.

En matière de santé mentale, les femmes sont particulièrement vulnérables pour diverses raisons. Certaines choses font que les femmes sont plus susceptibles de souffrir de problèmes de santé mentale. D’un point de vue statistique, elles sont presque deux fois plus susceptibles que les hommes d’être diagnostiquées comme souffrant de dépression ou d’anxiété.

Dans ce webinaire PsyMood, nous verrons pourquoi les femmes sont plus sujettes à la dépression, à l’anxiété et à d’autres problèmes de santé mentale, et nous discuterons des événements actuels qui peuvent avoir un impact encore plus important sur la santé mentale des femmes.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les points forts de la session :

Si vous souhaitez visionner l’intégralité de la session, cliquez sur ce lien : Session 12 de PsyMood – Santé mentale : Comment les femmes sont particulièrement vulnérables

Spécialistes en vedette :

Ross Wilson B&W picture

Ross Wilson

Consultant en santé mentale / Animateur du webinaire PsyMood

Ross Wilson is a Chaplain and Mental Health consultant that specializes in psychological first aid support. Since arriving in Ottawa, Canada from Vancouver. Ross has been working closely with local community organizations and offering free mental health support during the recent pandemic. As a mental health consultant, Ross Wilson works one on one with companies, community programs and start-ups, to improve employee environments and mental health first-aid. Along with his work, Ross is writing his first book about the “Journey of self” and has a podcast that is based on mental health and the stigma behind it in society.

Terri Jane Black and White picture

Terri-Jane Stapleton

Conseiller en services à la personne

Terri-Jane is a Human Services Counsellor (Addictions and Mental Health), a Certified Life Skills Coach, and a published author. She is a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care. While working at a detox center for women, Terri-Jane met women from all walks of life; Moms, grandmothers, women with families, women without families, women from all backgrounds and nationalities. Mental health and addictions have no boundaries or barriers and affect individuals from all walks of life. As part of her education, she worked in Jamaica for over 6 weeks customizing and teaching Life Skills lessons within the school system, the home for pregnant teens, the employees of the papaya factory and other community organizations. Terri-Jane believes it is important to have a safe place to share our concerns and life experiences, and someone to listen to us.

Patrizia Zonta black and white picture

Patrizia Zonta

Travailleur social agréé

Patrizia is a Registered Social Worker who is passionate and supportive of adults facing difficulties in anxiety, depression and trauma. She creates a safe space and a therapeutic alliance that is open and welcoming. Patrizia utilizes different modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), narrative and client centered focus to help alleviate the struggles and assist clients to better cope on a day-to-day basis. A client’s life experience will be the guide to my clinical perspective. She graduated from the University of Windsor with a Master of Social Work degree – MSW. Patrizia continues to expand my knowledge in the areas of anxiety, panic attacks, depression and trauma with continued professional training.

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