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Welcome to PsyMood! Together, we will help you access the mental health support you deserve based on your language.

In observance of World Cancer Day (February 4th), we delve into the crucial and often overlooked aspect of long-term recovery impacts on mental health. Cancer survivors face a unique set of challenges that extend far beyond their physical health.

In this webinar, we discussed the impact of cancer on mental health, including issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  Our goal is to provide resources and support for those navigating the complex cancer survivorship journey.  We also explore coping strategies and resilience-building techniques to help individuals thrive in their recovery journey. By addressing the mental health challenges that come with cancer survivorship, individuals can improve their overall well-being and quality of life. It is important to prioritize self-care and seek help to ensure a successful recovery journey. This webinar aims to empower individuals to overcome these obstacles and thrive post-treatment. Through interactive discussions and expert insights, participants will gain valuable tools and strategies to enhance their emotional well-being and resilience. 

We discuss the challenges of cancer, the wellness and treatment options available, and provide tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle after treatment. Additionally, we discuss the impact of financial strain and the costs associated with cancer survivorship. We talk about focusing most of your energy on the things you can control within your life, such as your diet, exercise routine, and mental health practices. By taking proactive steps to care for yourself, you can improve your overall well-being and increase your chances of living a fulfilling life after cancer treatment. Taking care of your physical and emotional well-being is crucial in your journey towards recovery and thriving as a cancer survivor.  As always, Psymood is here to provide you with access to a therapist to support your mental health based on your language. By addressing both your physical and emotional needs, you can empower yourself to live a vibrant and fulfilling life beyond cancer. 

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PsyMood Mental Health Specialists: 

Kamela Blair Author, Publisher, and Host
Rui Tian, PsyMood Psychotherapist

Young Adult Cancer Canada / YACC, Speakers:

Geoff EatonExecutive Director & Founder, YACC
Pam CrottySenior Research Manager, YACC

This webinar is supported by: 

PsyMood helps your employees and workforce stay healthier and happier, by providing resources to support their mental health and well-being. Our approach at PsyMood is to offer inclusive and personal mental health services based on an individual’s language and cultural background preferences.

Young Adult Cancer Canada / YACC’s mission is to support young adults living with, through, and beyond cancer. To be the connection to peers, bridge out of isolation, and source of inspiration. Every cancer, every stage, YACC’s got your back.

PsyMood is constantly working to find ways to improve your mental health, no matter where you are from or your cultural background.  Join our movement and become our business partner, or use PsyMood for your additional DEI enterprise mental health solutions.

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