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Welcome to the PsyMood Series – Podcast Blog, where we explore the fascinating world of psychology and its impact on our mood and well-being.

In Episode 2, we discuss the various forms of childhood trauma and their long-term effects on individuals. We explore the importance of understanding and addressing these experiences to promote healing and resilience. Additionally, Kamela Blair, President of COJ Bookz and an Author of “The Storm Within: A Story of Childhood Trauma”, shares her personal journey of overcoming childhood trauma and offers valuable insights for listeners seeking support or guidance in their own healing process. 

She also highlights the role of therapy and other forms of professional help in navigating the complex emotions and memories associated with childhood trauma. Kamela emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for survivors to share their stories and find solace in knowing they are not alone. 

Kamela focuses on the intersectionality of marginalized communities and healing from trauma. She acknowledges the unique challenges faced by individuals from marginalized communities and emphasizes the need for culturally sensitive and inclusive approaches to healing. By shedding light on these interconnected issues, she encourages a holistic approach to healing that goes beyond individual therapy and encompasses societal change. Overall, this episode aims to empower listeners with knowledge and resources to navigate the complex journey of healing from childhood trauma. 

Kamela provides practical strategies for individuals and communities to create safe spaces for healing, including the importance of building support networks, setting healthy goals, and fostering a sense of belonging. By promoting these approaches, Kamela aims to inspire listeners to take an active role in their healing journey and advocate for systemic change to break the cycle of childhood trauma. 

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PsyMood is a digital tool designed to help you find the support you need in the language that you are most comfortable with. PsyMood considers cultural background, geographical location, interests, and personal needs, amongst other factors, to pair you with service providers for online or in-person therapy sessions.

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