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The transition to a new country can be incredibly difficult for newcomers and refugees. Many are fleeing trauma, violence, and instability in their home countries. As they adjust to a new culture and language, they face numerous trauma-informed challenges that can negatively impact mental health and the care of newcomers.

To explore these issues, Psymood recently hosted an insightful webinar with a panel of professionals who work closely with newcomer and refugee populations. The panellists highlighted the diverse needs of these groups and effective strategies to provide trauma-informed care.

Watch the free webinar below or read the full transcript here:

PsyMood Mental Health Specialists:

Marina Lohmann is a consultant at PsyMood and the host of this PsyMood Session. She is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. She is a psychologist, a mentor, and a coach. Having lived in many countries, and having extensive working with newcomers in Canada, she knows well the gains and the pains of moving to a new country and starting a new life.

Ranj Heer is a Professional Therapeutic Counsellor, Life Coach on PsyMood; and a recent Graduate from Rhodes Wellness College. She is a mother to 3 empowered young women. She has over 25 years of experience in Wellness Coaching, Personal Fitness Training, and Yoga Instruction. She utilizes a person-centred approach and works with CBT, DBT, Early Childhood Attachments, Gestalt Therapy, and Gottman’s Couples Counselling and is a Trauma trauma-informed counsellor.

Ranj is passionate about sharing Psychoeducation, so her clients are well informed about the therapeutic approaches that are used during their sessions. Ranj offers you a safe and confidential space to bring new perspectives to the difficulties that you may be experiencing.

We all have a story and experiences that differ in nature; she offers you a chance to explore yourself in depth with confidence. You are the architect of your life; but sometimes our designs can be derailed, by a multitude of factors. Ranj is here to help you stay on course to achieve an empowered life. You not only hold the Key to unlocking your potential; you are the Key.

Diane Peters is a trained domestic violence counsellor with 30 years of experience. She has a Bachelor of Education and an Applied Counselling Certificate. She is a member of the College of Counselling Therapists in New Brunswick. Trained in DBT therapy, trauma-informed counsellor, and trained in ASSIST( suicide prevention). She was a guidance counsellor at a private Jewish high school and an elementary, middle, and high school guidance counsellor in a public school.

Trained in Jewish values and traditions through Melton University. She substitute taught at a private Christian school. A published Author of a book for parents and teens on Healthy Dating Relationships. She worked at a shelter for women and children on the crisis line and as a counsellor. She also works with immigrant women experiencing domestic abuse and is aware of many resources to help them navigate the systems.

COMPASS Refugee Centre, Speaker:

Josi Pape is the Program Assistant at COMPASS Refugee Centre. She is a community service worker and currently, works as the Program Assistant at COMPASS Refugee Centre, a social profit located in Waterloo Region. As Program Assistant, she provides program and administrative support to staff, interns, volunteers, donors, and clients.

In addition to working with refugees, she had lived experience.

“I grew up as what is called a third-culture individual, I understand the struggles of being a newcomer, of not knowing the language, the customs, and culture.

I began working with refugees as a volunteer interpreter. I wanted to use my multi-lingual skills to help people who were facing some of the same difficult situations my family also experienced.”

As the Program Assistant she has the unique opportunity to connect with their clients in a relaxed setting where they often share their struggles, hopes, dreams, and past experiences.

At COMPASS staff work with refugee claimants as they navigate a complex claim process. Caseworkers journey with clients from step one of making a refugee claim until family reunification and permanent residence.

She loves the work they do because it brings hope for better things to those who use our services.

This Webinar is supported by:

PsyMood helps your employees and workforce stay healthier and happier, by providing resources to support their mental health and well-being. Our approach at PsyMood is to offer inclusive and personal mental health services based on an individual’s language and cultural background preferences.

COMPASS Refugee Centre is here to assist, accompany, and advocate for refugee claimants in our community. They also work with Protected Persons and Convention Refugees who have a successful refugee claim.

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