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Soon we will be celebrating Father’s Day, however for some this isn’t a happy time.

At PsyMood we can understand that complex parental relationships are unfortunately common and can contribute significantly to bad mental health. During times of celebration surrounding family such as Father’s Day these feelings of unpleasantness or trauma can be elevated and take centre stage. As mental health professionals at PsyMood we know this can be difficult and have put together a few tips to help you combat a complex relationship with a father or any family member.

Set healthy boundaries

Often family members can expect the most from their family and it may even be at the cost of putting your most important needs after that of others. Setting healthy boundaries from family to ensure your better nature isn’t taken advantage of at the cost of your own mental health is very important. You can do this by keeping your phone away from you or muting family chats when you want quiet time. You can also say no to family events or ‘obligations’ if they do not align with what works best for you.

Find your best way to communicate 

Social and cultural constructs surrounding how children and parents should interact around one another can mean that as someone’s child you feel you don’t have the ability to speak up and confront a parent when you feel they have wronged you or overstepped your boundaries. There are different methods to approach this, whether it is writing a letter to prevent someone who is more hostile, the opportunity to sit down in their own time and listen to what you have to say. Another way to tackle a complex situation with a parent and communicate your feelings is having another family member there to mediate to prevent emotions from becoming heightened and an argument to ensue.

Talk to a mental health professional

Having a complex relationship with a parent is something that often can be a challenge to speak to family or friends about. However, mental health professionals can help with talking through trauma, conflicting relationships and the anxiety or depression that may come from that.

At PsyMood, you are able to speak to a mental health professional that speaks your native language of choice as well as someone that comes from your cultural background. We have over 350 specialists from around the world here to assist you. You can contact one of our specialists for a FREE 15-minute intake session today!

At PsyMood we are always ready to listen after a new diagnosis. We have over 350 specialists from around the world here to assist you. Contact one of our specialists for a FREE 15-minute intake session today and speak to someone from your cultural background that speaks your native language. Join today to start your mental health journey!

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