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No matter Who You Are, everyone has Ups and Downs!

How many times have you heard the following, “You don’t always get what you want” or “It’s just not about you”?

Our society has been ingrained with the idea that thinking about yourself first is a bad thing.

Most recently, Japanese-American tennis star Naomi Osaka was fined $15,000 for not wanting to take part in the post-match interview. Osaka had cited mental health reasons for not wanting to participate, the tennis champion also revealed that she has also suffered from depression. Her decision to speak out was not an easy one. In workplaces, issues of race and gender may often prevent individuals from speaking out.  In fact, women of colour are often called problematic, divas and self-serving when they choose to dissent against unfavourable conditions. It is important to note that while tournament administrators gave push back for her decision, the tennis and sports community rallied behind Osaka. Her courage to be open about her struggles, and her decision to put her health and wellbeing first is noteworthy.

Create situations where you prioritize yourself and your goals. Wanting to take care of yourself and your needs is not selfish, it is responsible.

Here are some ways in which you can practice putting yourself first.

Learn to say ‘No’ to Things that make You Uncomfortable

There will always be people and circumstances that demand your time and energy.

However, an important step to putting yourself first is being honest about the things that do not align with your goals. Social pressure and obligations might make it hard, however it takes practice. The more you say no to things that you do not want to get involved in, the easier it becomes. It leaves more time and energy for you to focus on your priorities.

Make a Plan according to Your Preferences

Take some time to introspect and make a list of tasks that you want to complete. Plan your day around the goals you want to achieve so that you have control over your time and the direction of your day. Staying focused is a key part in establishing healthy habits and improving your wellbeing. 

Cut Yourself some Slack

You are your toughest critic. Empathize with yourself and be kind to yourself. Make room for mistakes. 

If things aren’t going according to plan, just revise the plan. Enjoy a sense of accomplishment for the things done right instead of dwelling on the setbacks.

Embrace your Vulnerability

Showing self love doesn’t mean always having to be strong. Be true to yourself and your feelings. Recognize your human side, and be open about your vulnerabilities. Recognizing ways to improve your health and mental well-being can also lead to a stronger version of you.

When you are feeling stressed, sad or angry, talk to someone. The conversation may give you a way to let out bottled-up emotions

If you feel the need to talk to someone about your mental health, PsyMood is here for you. Our mental health specialists can speak your language and understand your culture. Sign up today to speak with a specialist. We offer sessions at any time, anyplace!

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