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A year into the pandemic, there seems to light at the end of the tunnel.

Worldwide vaccine rollouts promise a return to normal.  However, we can get anxious waiting for our turn to come.

If you take a quick glance at the news or scroll through your social media, you are sure to find a group of people proudly displaying their vaccine administration.

Family and friends from different parts of the world have already gotten their shots, and are busy planning how to get back to normal.   These posts have two sides, one to give hope that the pandemic might be coming to an end, the other of envy.

Those negative feelings can make it even harder for us to deal with day-to-day pandemic life.  While we are all ready to jump back into pre-pandemic life, it is important to remember that we must also pace ourselves at the end.

Stay Proactive and find out when you can Expect Your Shots

If you are feeling restless about waiting for your turn, do some research and find out when you can expect one. Having a date or timeline eases anxiety related to the unknown.  

If you are in Canada, you can visit the following link to get an updated report on the country’s vaccination progress:

Congratulate those that are Vaccinated!

Empathize and recognize that those getting their vaccines before you are in a more vulnerable situation.

Consume media with Hopeful Messages about Beating the Pandemic Together

We are what we consume. In these difficult times, try to read articles talking about progress and positive outcomes. Limit your exposure to negative media or fear-mongering articles, instead find ways to be inspired and hopeful.

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Practice Mindfulness & Meditation to keep Anxiety & Jealousy at bay

If you are struggling to stay positive, find ways to change the direction of your thoughts.  Practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation can help bring focus.

There should be a collective buzz about finally moving past the upsets of the last year.  Overcoming the pandemic has always been a group effort. We are almost there!

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