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Cooking: some people hate it, and some people love it; but did you know it can actually boost your mental health? 

Cooking allows you to feel accomplished. When you cook for yourself or others and you are praised for the fantastic meal you cooked, you feel rewarded and happy! This sense of accomplishment leads to higher self-esteem, and you deserve that!

Learning a new recipe gives you the chance to get creative and let loose. It offers a creative outlet. Especially since we are stuck home, it’s a perfect way to get a little creative. You don’t even need to follow a recipe. You can try to make one up on your own! 

When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, doing an activity that requires focus will help distract you from your daily life’s anxieties. The concentration that goes alongside cooking will have a positive effect on lowering your stress levels.

Best of all, when you cook for yourself, you choose what ingredients are in the dish. Eating a brain healthy diet can support mental health. Foods that can support your mood include fatty fish rich in omega 3’s, nuts, avocados, beans, leafy greens, and fresh fruit!

Here are a couple of recipes you can try at home that are proven to help boost your mental health! These recipes are inspired by dishes from all around the world!

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