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Many people may be planning in-person holiday gatherings after 2020’s long isolation. However, with the concern of the COVID-19 pandemic still prevailing by the end of 2021, people may feel stressed and anxious from all directions.

We follow the biased expectations of holidays as to what we are supposed to do or feel during this time of the year. This may cause more emotional surges on the contrary. We want to share with you a few tips on making this holiday season more enjoyable for you and your close ones. 

Take Steps to Stay Safe 

Ontario is reporting close to 3,800 new COVID-19 infections on December 20th. As COVID-19 continues to pose a severe risk and deep concern to communities, we suggest following released guidelines by public authorities for holiday gatherings. The safest way to gather is to spend time with people living in the same household or to gather virtually. When you schedule to walk outside, gather a party, or join an exercise class, remember to practice social distancing and keep the mask on. 

Take Time for Yourself

While it may be disappointing that some of your traditional holiday plans have shifted this year, it is important to stay optimistic and organized. The holidays often bring stress and anxiety due to the countless obligations, time spent travelling, hosting events, and sitting in traffic. Also, saving some time for yourself can be a great getaway from the holiday stress. Play on your favourite playlist, podcast, or movie, and clean out that area of your house that you have been putting off. You will not only feel accomplished but being in a tidy space also brings clarity.

Soak Up the Sun

The holidays coincide with winter’s lack of available sunlight in the northern areas. Less exposure to natural light can lead to symptoms of depression. To boost your mood and regulate sleep,  we suggest scheduling outdoor exercise when the sun is brightest or working near a window if possible. Even outfitting your home with warm, bright lighting can help improve your mood. Some of us may develop Seasonal affective disorder which is a more severe form of the winter blues. If you feel hopeless, have suicidal thoughts, or have any other negative states, it is crucial to talk with professionals regarding treatments for SAD, including light therapy, talk therapy, and medication.

Seek out Mental Health Support

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it may be time to share with your mental health professional. They can help you pinpoint specific events that trigger you and help you create an action plan to change them. At PsyMood, we provide inclusive support that helps you overcome mental challenges and enjoy your holiday life.

Special Holiday Hours for PsyMood:

PsyMood Therapists will be online on December 25th and December 31st.

From 1 PM to 9 PM EST

If you need immediate attention in an emergency, please call 911, or go to your local emergency room.  

If you are  experiencing any suicidal thoughts please call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-833-456-4566) available 24/7/365

Or, send a text 45645. Available 4 PM-Midnight. Standard text messages may apply.

PsyMood prides itself on providing online and affordable diverse mental health support for newcomers to Canada by matching our users to mental health specialists that understand their culture and speak their native language. You can start your FREE no-obligation introductory session today.

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