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Over the past year, many employees were forced to switch to working from home. There are many perks when working from home. No more commuting, you can work in your pyjamas and spend the full day with your pet. However, spending the day in and day out in your home can cause stress, anxiety and boredom to your mental health. 

For you to make the most of your new work-from-home life, we have come up with some tips to help you feel more productive while taking care of your mental health!

Set up a Dedicated Work Space

The key is to be comfortable. Find a space in your home that is as private as possible, with limited distractions. The kitchen table may not be an ideal workspace because it’s a communal area in your home and you may be enticed by all the snacks. 

Another tip is to invest in your new workspace. Having a comfortable chair, with a proper desk and office tools will help you feel more relaxed and in control. 

Develop a Work Schedule 

It is important to develop a work schedule to ensure you are still achieving the proper work and life balance. It is more difficult to disconnect yourself from work when it is staring at you in the face. 

Implement your work hours, and when your day is over, that means it’s time to shut down and relax. 

Try your best to get on a proper sleep routine. Since you are no longer making a commute to work, consider using that time to exercise, having a relaxing coffee or listening to music before your workday begins. 

Stay Connected 

The days of going to happy hour with friends after work or going over to your parent’s house for dinner may seem like they are lightyears away. This can make you feel isolated and may cause you extra stress and anxiety. 

There are many ways for you to get the human interaction you are missing. Consider scheduling video calls instead of meetings or speak with your team about adding work social hours to relax and talk about non-work related topics.

If you are missing your family, consider a drive-by hello or video calls to stay connected with friends and family. 

Take Breaks 

You work hard. You deserve a break. You may start to get the feeling that you should be available at all times since you are home. When you are on your breaks it is important for your mental health that you fully enjoy those breaks. 

Try to avoid eating your lunch in front of your screen. Concentrate on something else, and after your lunch, you will feel focused and ready to finish the workday. 

Taking 5 minute short breaks each hour can increase your productivity as well as help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed. 

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or lonely, you are not alone. Your mental health matters. Sign up to speak with one of our specialists, in your preferred language who share a similar cultural background. 

Start your mental health journey in a few steps.

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