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The pandemic has been an unfamiliar challenge to people's ability to cope with stress.

More recently, parts of Canada and other areas worldwide have seen the staggering rise in COVID-19 activity amid the highly transmissible variant, Omicron. Managing stress becomes much more difficult when we are taken away from our regular routines and having to deal with an ever-changing situation. COVID-19 has created new life stresses and made existing ones even more intense, especially during lockdowns. Here are a few tips that can help us to get mentally prepared for the ever-changing COVID restrictions.

Set up a Routine 

Setting up a routine will help bring a sense of purpose to your days during lockdowns. Even though gyms are closed and people are finding it hard to meet in person, we can still think of a few things that would help us adapt to this temporary new lifestyle. For example, spending each morning with a healthy breakfast, shower and following along to a workout or yoga video. This productive start to the day can help with a productive and positive mindset whilst balancing working from home.

Take this time to make Positive Change 

Understandably we associate lockdowns and restrictions negatively as they directly impact our freedom, however, they are also an opportunity for introspection. What can you do during this time that means you come out of it better than you were before? Maybe you take the spare time to learn a skill or start a hobby you have never had the time to venture onto before. It could also be the push you need to start a new personal passion project or focus on better self care. This time is yours to make your own, so make it count for a better mental health.

Identify your Support Network

When we are isolated physically this can impact us mentally, making us feel lonely and distanced. In these times, it helps to reach out to our support networks whether on the phone, Face-Time or safely, in person. Make a list of all the people that you feel deeply connected and trust and keep working to build those relationships throughout restriction changes. Try not to cling to the idea of predicting the future but be flexible when change inevitably comes our way, knowing we all have a support network there for us.

Limit Exposure to Bad News 

It is important to stay up to date with the changing of restrictions and news, to keep informed and safe, however, be sure to limit your exposure to bad news. Overexposure to bad news and social media can greatly impact your mood and mental health and therefore consuming it in moderation is important to consider. If you are struggling with your mental health during the COVID pandemic or for any other reason, PsyMood continues to provide professional mental health support to help you cope with any challenges you may be facing.

PsyMood prides itself on providing online and affordable diverse mental health support for newcomers to Canada by matching our users to mental health specialists that understand their culture and speak their native language. You can start your FREE no-obligation introductory session today.

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