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Movember is a time for fun, friendship, love, and itchy upper lips as people come together with a good cause.

Movember does not only give us a once-a-year chance to enjoy the moustache lifestyle but also makes its way around raising significantly more attention dedicated to ending stigma and supporting men’s health initiatives. Nowadays, data indicate that males account for more than 75% of suicides in Canada. And worryingly, evidence also suggests that men also under-utilize mental health services. Here at PsyMood, we love and embrace the value of Movember and encourage you to take action with the spirit of Movember to make it count for yourself and/or your sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, and friends.

Grow a Moustache & Understand Why

It is important to know why we are sprouting mustaches, which raises awareness and funding for research on men’s health issues like mental health as well as testicular and prostate cancer. Growing a mustache can be a great conversation starter and a way to discuss the importance of men’s health issues with people around you. More information and inspiration can be found on the Movember Foundation website to make this month more meaningful. It is never too late to donate and contribute to a change.

Make a Move

For Mo brothers who don’t grow facial hair well and all the ladies who respect Movember values, you can take this month to try running or walking 60 miles. Unfortunately, 60 is the number of men who committed suicide every hour across the world. Bringing awareness to this complex, multi-factorial issue can help people in need have quicker access to necessary services. Let’s start pounding the treadmill to hit the goal together!

Be Mo-aware

Ultimately, we can all get involved in Movember by educating ourselves more on men’s wellbeing and mental health. In this case, we can provide better support to our loved ones, noticing the sign of negative mental conditions at early stages. In this special month, PsyMood presents to you a dedicated podcast episode where two of our male specialists discuss the alleviation of mental health stigma and how it is influenced by our cultural background. Feel free to check this great episode here!

Find the resource that suits you

At PsyMood we aim to break down the barriers and negative labels associated with men’s mental health issues. We are working towards building a resourceful platform where you can seek help from specialists tailored to your personal needs, speak your mother tongue, and understand your culture. 

PsyMood prides itself on providing online and affordable diverse mental health support for newcomers to Canada by matching our users to mental health specialists that understand their culture and speak their native language. You can start your FREE no-obligation introductory session today.

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