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These small yet meaningful daily actions can drastically improve your mental well-being.

We often hear people tell us that the most meaningful part to self improvement is in the journey. Self improvement isn’t instantaneous but rather something we must continuously work to maintain. It takes perseverance and commitment. But staying motivated isn’t always easy and  sometimes we need a gentle nudge or extra support to stay focused on improvement. This can be especially challenging within different communities whereby talking about well-being struggles and mental health progress is considered taboo. Often this is due to a lack of community resources and support as well as cultural tradition. Regardless of this, there are plenty of easy steps we can all take to ensure we stay on track in our journey to self improvement.

Here are five things we can all do daily to improve our mental wellbeing:

Make Meaningful Connections

Being connected to a support network is an essential component of maintaining good mental wellbeing.  At least once a day try to form a connection that can serve as a reminder for our mental health goals.  Reassurance helps us stay motivated.  It is also important to note that connecting does not always have to involve other people.  Making meaningful connections with nature or our pets, as well as ourselves can also be beneficial.

Keep Yourself Active

Numerous research studies over the years have shown that people who are physically active have better mental health and wellbeing. We can overcome mental fatigue by staying in good physical shape.  Small levels of activity can make huge impacts – in fact as little as 10 minutes of consistent physical activity has been shown to have positive impacts on mental health. Be adventurous and explore until you find an activity that suits your interests and level of mobility and fitness.

Express Gratitude

Being aware and mindful of all the good things is linked to better wellbeing. Most of us are guilty of spending some time complaining about things not going our way or worrying about not having what others have. However, we must practice to do the opposite. If we are able to consistently spend some time everyday noticing the things in life, we are thankful for or appreciating the good things that happen to us (no matter how small), then we can harvest more positive energy into our days. When we choose to feel good about our lives, our mental health follows.

Engage Yourself in Learning New Skills

Always stay engaged. The process of learning new things has not only been linked to increased confidence, but also increased positive emotions. Learning new skills as well as consistently practicing old ones are key to both personal and professional growth. It allows us to explore ourselves and stay focused on becoming better individuals. The idea is to make it a positive experience. As long as we are doing something of interest and having fun, the results will be fruitful.

Give Back

The act of giving has been intrinsically associated with feeling good. Giving to others helps build a sense of community, and it can be extremely rewarding to see our happiness be a part of a wider community. It makes us realize that we are not alone. Giving does not always have to be grand or even material. There are many small ways in which you can give back to the world around you. Giving a compliment or helping hand can mean a lot to someone having a bad day. As long as the intention is to make the other person feel good – the act of giving will be appreciated.

Just as it is important to maintain a well-balanced diet every day for good health – these five steps are necessary to balance our minds for good mental health.


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