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New Year, New You!

2021 has already started!

After a year that was a roller coaster ride, it is finally time to throw away the old and welcome the new, with a promise of a fresh start! Many people set out to make improvements and changes to their lives by forming New Year’s resolutions and year-long goals.

While the idea of bringing positive changes to your life can be a fulfilling exercise, it is important not to overwhelm yourself in the process. Start by taking a look at your surroundings and see what you can improve. Perhaps, you finally need to declutter your house, start exercising, or maybe dedicate time to improve your mental health. Make your resolutions, but remember that change does not happen overnight, so setting small daily goals is a great way to ensure progress.

Naranjan Nota, one of our specialists, states:

Envision who you want to be for 2021. Take small steps to achieve it steadily and consistently. Then you’ll be rewarded with an outcome that might have been a daunting vision at the beginning of the year. ”

Reflect on what in the previous year challenged you, and how you can do things differently. Finally, talk to your family and friends and see what resolutions they have made. If possible, encourage and offer to help them stick to their goals. Kick the new year into gear, and work towards building a better version of yourself.

Narajan picture

Naranjan Nota is a Spiritual Intuitive/Energy Healer Life Coach, from Leeds, United Kingdom. She developed a deeper relationship with energy, connecting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy bodies with everyday life experiences. The combination of ordinary life lessons revealed as karmic healing opportunities is a unique gift for expansion on many energy levels beyond one’s conscious mind.

Naranjan offers a different perspective on life, providing an opportunity to embrace life with power, strength, wisdom, peace and lots more joy.

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