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Learn how letting go can be a freeing experience and improve your mental wellbeing.

As humans we instinctively like to hold on to things. Whether it be old souvenirs or memories. However, holding on to too much can clutter our lives and minds. We understand that letting can be a difficult process, especially for immigrants that are trying to adjust to a new way of life and let go of old experiences.

In such cases, letting go of old things can impact a sense of wellbeing and mood, as well help us see things in a different light. Like shedding off extra weight from your body, letting go of emotional anchors can make you feel light.  It offers several mental health benefits and can be a freeing experience.

Here are a few ways you can practice the art of letting go and improve your mental wellbeing:

Shed Old Memories and Pains

We like to remember things – we take pictures, write in our journals, and reminisce. While fond memories are good to keep, others are not always helpful to hold on to.  Negative memories often harbour feelings of sadness, anger and helplessness.  They can often drag us down and make it hard to move past the negativity.  Practice acceptance and forgiveness to move past the pain.  Only then will you have room for positivity.

Rise Above the Pressure

We all have visions for our futures, but often life has other plans for us.  It can be hard to let go of a dream and having to accept a new reality.  However, holding onto guilt because of arbitrary milestones prevents us from achieving our full potential.  Instead, have a secondary plan and work towards goals that align with your current situation. A busy mind is a happy mind.

Realistic Expectations

We want the best for ourselves and our loved ones.  While setting standards to lead a happy and safe life can be helpful, they also sometimes limit us.  It can lead to stress and negatively impact our mental health. Setting expectations for your life based on other people’s preferences or social pressure can be detrimental to personal growth and development.  Instead try to understand your needs, desires, and priorities, and work towards fulfilling them.

Embrace Change

Letting go forces us to leave a part of our emotions or memories behind.  That can be a scary thing because it brings about uncertainty. However, try to accept that you do not have control over the past, and instead use that energy to seize control of the present.  Nothing in life is certain but being accepting of change can make us mentally resilient. 

Remember that letting go is a process, it is not something that can be achieved instantly. It takes time, thought and conversation. 


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