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The pandemic has seen us forced to make an unprecedented shift to digital for every aspect of our lives. This now includes seeking mental health support online. Although this gives great opportunity for a greater choice of mental health professionals it also can bring up its own complications, anxieties and opportunities for technical glitches.

At PsyMood, we are pros in providing flexible, online and accessible mental health support, so we thought we’d put together a guide with our top tips for your first online therapy session to ensure it goes smoothly.

Create a Peaceful Environment 

When we attend therapy in person we are able to visit a place that has been created for that very purpose, however, when that safe space then becomes the home you also sleep, eat and work in, the environment change can also affect your openness or focus within your session. When you are preparing for your online session, ensure you find a quiet space, let the others in your home know you are taking that time for privacy and would not like to be interrupted by people or noise and create an area you feel comfortable in to open up. This can make the difference as to whether your session is productive for you. This might include lighting a candle, getting yourself a warm cup of coffee or sitting in a nice quiet room with a comfy chair. The more you attend sessions from home the more you will learn about your own preferences.

Ensure your Technology

As we have learnt over the pandemic technology can let us down at times and during crucial moments, such as breakthrough sessions, we don’t want to be interrupted. Ensure you have a strong internet connection whether that involves your laptop and wifi at home or in a quiet area of a cafe where you feel comfortable to speak. Testing out the platform you will be using whether it’s zoom or google meet, is also a great way you can get used to your online therapy sessions.

Schedule a Time that makes sense for you

Often we are so busy that we have to fit things into small windows to ensure we get to complete all our tasks. However, it is really important to learn when you most benefit from your therapy sessions. It might be a great way to start your day off or something to look forward to on a weekend when you don’t have to worry about work. If you prepare to have therapy every so often for check-ins, maybe the first day of the month will work best for you to set your goals for the rest of the month. Whatever works for you, make sure you make time for the session in your calendar so you can fully reap the benefits. 

Just start and worry about the rest later

The hardest part of something new is taking that first step. As you may see from many of our tips, they involve learning over time what your preferences are and so sometimes the best thing to do is just starting, to remove any fears of the unknown early and learn as you go. Therapy is a marathon not a sprint, don’t put pressure on yourself as there’s no set rule for therapy.

At PsyMood, we have over 350 specialists from all over the world that speak over 30 languages and work with your cultural background in mind. We can help you take your first step to online therapy. For a FREE intake session with any therapist of your choice, sign up to our website today!

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