Spring into Joy! - Promote Positive Well-Being with Celebrations

Despite religions, culture and language differences, Spring brings forth a string of celebrations for everyone around the world. From Easter to Holi and Passover, this week has given us all a reason to observe festivities.

In light of the changing circumstances around the world, people might not be able to gather and celebrate in their usual manner. However, in such times it is still encouraged to gather and try to do something special.  Festivals and the amusement they bring are a wonderful way to promote well-being.  It gives you something positive to look forward and an opportunity to strengthen social bonds. Happiness and laughter can be contagious, so being in good company can promote good feelings for you as well. Spring into celebrations, and share some joy!


Spring brings celebrations for everyone around the world. This Easter weekend is not only to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection, the defeat of death and the hope of salvation, but to celebrate the symbolism of new life and rebirth in the world of plants and animals.


Festivals are a wonderful way to promote well-being. Passover is a sacred holiday celebrated by Jews, commemorating the Hebrews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. 

It is also a celebration of Spring, birth & rebirth, and of taking responsibility for yourself and the community.


They allow us to strengthen our social bonds. Holi is celebrated throughout India. It is celebrated for various reasons – it marks the start of Spring, and it also an occasion to give thanks after a good harvest. It is a time to gather with loved ones and enjoy colours and good food!


They allow us to spread positivity by being in a happy environment. Surround yourself with your loved ones this Easter weekend to celebrate joy, happiness, and love as we go into the new season of Spring!

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