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For some students, the thought of school work and testing may give them severe anxiety. However, there are many ways to protect your mental health while completing your academic career.

While you’re studying for an important test or trying to finish that big assignment, remember to take your mental health into consideration. This means taking study breaks, eating healthy foods, and talking to your mental health specialist when needed.

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Create a To-Do List & Prioritize Your Most Important Tasks

Listing your priorities & tasks can be very helpful, but try not to overwhelm yourself to complete all your tasks in one go! If you have a project that’s due in a couple of days or an important test coming up put that as your top priority.

Another tip for prioritizing your to-do list is setting up reminders when to start your tasks and when you’ll complete them. You can set up your list & reminders on your phone, computer or in a notebook.

Clear Your Head with Exercise

It’s important that you exercise not only your mind but also your body. Whether you’re taking a break from studying or finished an online lecture, it’s best that you make time for exercising; it could be anything like walking, jogging, running, etc. 

It’s also important that you have a good nutrition to maintain good health. The nutrients & vitamins we get from our food plays an important role on our body. 

Set aside some Break Time

Don’t feel like you don’t deserve a break when you feel overwhelmed with work and try to hustle & grind. Yes it’s great that you dedicate your time and effort to your studies, but you’ll feel more productive and focused when you take breaks. 

Try avoiding using your phone or computer on your break time, especially if you’re already using them for remote online classes. Go for a walk, read a book, have a healthy snack, prepare lunch, etc. You will feel refreshed and productive when you return to your tasks.

Talk to a Mental Health Specialist whenever possible

Your mental health matters. Don’t push yourself too hard to complete your tasks and take a couple of breaks every hour so you feel less stressed and increase your productivity doing so. 

Everyone deserves to take a moment to themselves and recognize the importance of mental well-being.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or lonely, you are not alone. Your mental health matters. Sign up to speak with one of our specialists, in your preferred language who share a similar cultural background.

Start your mental health journey in a few steps.

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