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The past few years have been turbulent to say the least. With a historic global pandemic, we saw a significant displacement of people due to a lack of sufficient medical care, alongside this there have been a number of natural disasters, conflicts and most recently, the Ukrainian war.

At PsyMood, we want to do everything we possibly can to assist those who have experienced displacement or relocated during this time. Canada has a vast number of services to assist newcomers to the country, from funding to shelter, employment services to community support. Read more to find out what resources are available to you as a newcomer to Canada.

Immigration Information

The government website is always the best way to find free and accurate information about immigration services and updates. Since the conflict began in Ukraine, Canada has released a response statement, which explains ‘Ukrainian nationals currently in Canada on a temporary basis can apply to extend their status as a visitor, student or worker’. The government has also vowed to prioritize Ukrainian visa applications.

If you are interested in making an enquiry about immigration to Canada for Ukrainian citizens you can call 613-321-4243, this number works internationally. Additionally, you can now use the term Ukraine2022 in your IRRC form (crisis application) and your email will be prioritized. Alternatively, use this link to fill out a crisis inquiry.

Refugee Support

Whether you need to look for a job, register for language classes, find somewhere to live, sign up your kids for school or learn about community services, the government website has a directory of services for you. This enables you to find the correct verified services in your local area.

Financial Aid

If you have had to resettle into Canada due to displacement or being a refugee, you may be entitled to resettlement funds that contribute to the cost of your resettlement and living expenses. This is through the Resettlement Assistance Program Allowance. For more information click here.

Employment and Study Services

Aces Employment is a service especially dedicated to support newcomers prepare for the Canadian workforce assisting in finding job, holding workshops and one-to-one support by phone or in their offices which are located throughout Ontario. They also provide their information online in over 200 languages

Don’t worry if you live outside of Ontario, the government website has listings dedicated to directing you to the appropriate services for whatever your needs are as a newcomer to Canada.

Language and Integration Assistance

Many of the community centres or newcomer associations offer language training and assessments as well a number of other services that offer help integrating into your new communities. These are located in almost every city across the country.

Below are just a few of the many services you can locate in the government directory.

Adult Language and Learning – Chatham, Ontario

Agape Language Centre – Calgary, Alberta 

Manitoba Possible – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Immigrant & Refugee Services Association – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Region Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (ARAISA) – Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Quebec Integration Services – Quebec (province wide)
Archway Community Services – Abbotsford, British Columbia
Association for New CanadiansHappy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Multicultural Centre of the Yukon – Whitehorse, Yukon

Saskatchewan Intercultural AssociationSaskatoon, Saskatchewan

Multicultural Association of – (available for most counties in), New Brunswick

YWCA Toronto (women and girls) – Toronto, Ontario

Mental Health Support

Alongside these services, we know at PsyMood how important it is to also have support for your mental health during times of relocation. PsyMood is proud to offer support from over 300 mental health specialists trained in anxiety, depression and many other conditions, who speak 35 languages, from 22 countries all across the world. 

Join today for your FREE 15-minute intake session with any specialist of your choosing!

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