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Have you ever heard about mental fitness? Do you know how it works?

Perhaps you apply it to your daily life already. Nevertheless there’s no better way to start 2022 with hope, ideas and changing habits. With that in mind we would like to bring this topic forward and discuss it with you.

PsyMood is a platform that is proud to connect users to mental health professionals from counsellors to therapists based on their language and cultural backgrounds, with that in mind we would like to invite you to learn more about mental fitness for a healthier life.

Mental Fitness can be defined as the capacity for your body and mind to work together to increase physical energy as well as emotional and mental stability, to help you feel more centred and calm.

There are many ways for you to start this journey into mental fitness, starting from practicing being in the present moment through mindfulness. Physical fitness, such as incorporating some exercises like cardio, can be a great start, or maybe using music therapy and yoga as an approach on the path for mental fitness is more your speed. Being able to strengthen your mind through meditation and staying in the present moment, using deep breathing exercises, which are designed to make you feel more grounded and present and associating all of this with good sleep are great examples of improving mental fitness. There are different approaches for everyone to develop their mental fitness.

Below are highlights from the session:

If you’re interested in watching the full session, click on this link: PsyMood Session 10 – Strengthen Your Mental Fitness

Featured Specialists:

Ross Wilson B&W picture

Ross Wilson

Mental Health Consultant / Host of PsyMood Webinar

Ross Wilson is a Chaplain and Mental Health consultant that specializes in psychological first aid support. Since arriving in Ottawa, Canada from Vancouver. Ross has been working closely with local community organizations and offering free mental health support during the recent pandemic. As a mental health consultant, Ross Wilson works one on one with companies, community programs and start-ups, to improve employee environments and mental health first-aid. Along with his work, Ross is writing his first book about the “Journey of self” and has a podcast that is based on mental health and the stigma behind it in society.

Katie Bushie picture

Katie Bushie

Award-Winning Yoga Instructor Trauma Recovery Facilitator

She is a Retired Social worker/Youth Worker, Award Winning PsychoPractitioner, four time Award Winning Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, Trauma Recovery Facilitator, Speaker and Writer. Katie is an award winning trauma informed coach working within traditional psychology mediums and healing modalities of yoga, meditation & mindfulness. Katie is often found on the mat & mindful spaces in collaborations with first responders & trauma survivors.

Tiffany Sparrow picture

Tiffany Sparrow

Registered Counselling Therapist Music Therapist & Yoga Therapist

She is a registered counselling therapist, music therapist, and yoga therapist. Tiffany helped people dealing with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and low self-esteem using music, creative arts and mindfulness combined with body-centred counselling. She stand for diversity and have worked with multicultural communities (newcomers from India, Africa, Philippines, South America), Indigenous communities (Cree, Dene, Inuit) and speak and write both French and English fluently, sing songs in many different languages and am well versed in world religions. Tiffany is passionate about using holistic methods to help people return to wellness.

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