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Starting a family can be wonderful. But the process of making a decision to bring a child into the world and getting support from loved ones can be difficult during this pandemic.

New parents can’t avoid the stress and anxiety that comes pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

At PsyMood, we are on a mission to connect people with mental health support based on their language and cultural background.

The pandemic has changed and affected our mental health in different ways. It’s difficult to avoid the feeling of stress, anxiety and depression, especially when one thinks of starting a family. Going into parenthood can be a dream, but let’s not forget the process of it and the struggles that come with pregnancy. It can sometimes be very challenging for the new parents, and with the pandemic it’s made things more difficult for them to have access to support.

In this session our specialists discussed the struggles of becoming new parents while being away from family support.

Below are highlights from the session:

If you’re interested in watching the full session, click on this link: PsyMood Session 5 – The New Era of Working Life & your Mental Well-Being

Featured Specialists:

Trang Duong B&W picture

Trang Duong is a Registered Social Worker in Ontario, Canada, with degrees in Child, Youth, and Family studies (Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Guelph), as well as Social Work (Bachelor’s and Master’s from Carleton University).

For the past 8 years, she worked in community mental health, as well as the hospital setting. Using a client-centered, strengths-based approach, she has worked with individuals of all ages from different cultural backgrounds, who experience mild to severe mental health challenges, as well as every day challenges such as grief & loss, life transitions, relationships, etc. Trang has a special interest in fertility and perinatal/postpartum mental health.

Stefan Dunn B&W picture

Stefan Morgan Dunn is an experienced Family Trauma Therapist with a background in youth, adult and group therapy who specializes in addiction issues.

Mr. Dunn’s training, education, and experience in psychology has provided him with a strong background in both individual and group therapy, He is adept with assessment, intervention, treatment, counselling, and many therapeutic approaches including motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Family Centred Therapy and Family Therapeutic Mediation and has extensive experience in crisis and emergency situations. Stefan has worked as a facilitator for over 16 years working with child and family services, treatment centres, recovery houses, schools, and international mediation firms.

Marina Lohmann picture

Marina Lohmann is a Therapist at PsyMood and the host of this PsyMood Session.

She is passionate about helping people reach their full potential, she holds a BA in Psychology in Brazil, an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management, a coaching certificate, and finished her Masters in Industrial Relations at Universite de Montreal. Having lived in many countries, she knows well the gains and the pains of moving to a new country and starting a new life.

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