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The pandemic has changed the way of our working life and has had an affect on our mental health.

It’s hard to avoid the feeling of isolation, loneliness and burnout.

At PsyMood, we are on a mission to connect people with mental health support based on their language and cultural background.

The pandemic has changed and affected our mental health in different ways. It’s hard to avoid the feeling of loneliness, isolation and burnout. We had positive thoughts about how great it would be to work in the comfort of our home. Fast forward a year later, we realize this has a negative affect on our mental health, and that we miss social interactions with coworkers, friends & family.

In this session our specialists talk about how we can cope with remote work and isolation during this time.

Below are highlights from the session:

If you’re interested in watching the full session, click on this link: PsyMood Session 4 – The New Era of Working Life & your Mental Well-Being

Featured Specialists:

Nadia Prando picture

Nadia Prando is an adolescent, adult, family and couple’s therapist.

Ms. Prando completed her M.A. in clinical Psychology at the Pontifical University Catholic of São Paulo in Brazil. She has extensive training in parent-infant attachment and pregnancy related mental health and well-being.

She has worked in hospital settings, for non-governmental organizations and in private practice.

Narajan B&W picture

Naranjan Nota is a Spiritual Intuitive/Energy Healer Life Coach, from Leeds, United Kingdom. She developed a deeper relationship with energy, connecting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy bodies with everyday life experiences. The combination of ordinary life lessons revealed as karmic healing opportunities is a unique gift for expansion on many energy levels beyond one’s conscious mind.

Naranjan offers a different perspective on life, providing an opportunity to embrace life with power, strength, wisdom, peace and lots more joy.

Marina Lohmann picture

Marina Lohmann is a consultant at PsyMood and the host of this PsyMood Session.

She holds a BA in Psychology in Brazil, an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management, a coaching certificate, and finished her Masters in Industrial Relations at Universite de Montreal.

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