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On November 11th, 1918 at 11AM, the guns fell silent on the Western Front, marking the end of the First World War after four continuous years of warfare.

Yesterday as we celebrated Remembrance Day and commemorate the sacrifices made by service men and women and those who have served in the Armed Forces, let us also remember that some found it to be challenging to their mental health. Though ceremonies offer a chance to reflect on the honourable sacrifices made, some veterans may experience increased feelings of guilt, isolation and suffer from PTSD from overwhelming memories on the battlefield. Everyone may grieve differently, and that is completely understandable.

If you have served in the military or know someone close to you who has served and may have struggled with their mental health and the PTSD as a result of their service, it’s important to know that you or they are not alone today. There is support out there available to those who need help to deal with what they’re going through.

Reach Out for Support

It’s difficult for men and women of the Armed Forces to go back to normal civilian life. Because they serve to protect their country, they may develop depression, PTSD, anxiety or addiction. This can surface months or years after leaving the service and is difficult for most to overcome. If you are a service man, woman or veteran who is struggling with any of these conditions, find good support in friends and family, they will help you and offer support whenever you need.

Support Services for Veterans

There are many veterans who still struggle to this day with PTSD, depression and/or addiction due to their service, and most aren’t able to have access to support services or feel as if they don’t deserve to seek out help. CAF/VAC Assistance Service a 24-hour toll-free helpline that provides all veterans and their families with short-term confidential, professional counseling and referral services, including support for mental and emotional health concerns. Wounded Warriors is another great support service for veterans who struggle with PTSD and operational stress injuries.

PsyMood helping Veterans and Servicemen & Women

At PsyMood we believe that mental healthcare is a basic human right. We are here to help you handle your mental health struggles, and for those who were from the Armed Forces struggling to cope with this day we are here for you. We have specialists who are able to provide you the mental health support you need whether it’s for depression, addiction, anxiety or PTSD. We also provide help in a language of your choice if English is not your first. Taking care of your mental health is important, every veteran and servicemen and women should feel heard and understood as they have sacrificed much to protect this country.

PsyMood prides itself on providing online and affordable diverse mental health support for newcomers to Canada by matching our users to mental health specialists that  understand their culture and speak their native language. You can start your free no obligation introductory session today.

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