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As children of immigrants, we often feel guilty or find it hard to take a break. Continue reading below to learn more about immigrant child guild and how to take a break guilt free.

We feel as though we have let them down by not fulfilling their expectations for us. This can often lead to feelings of self-loathing and depression. Because our parents had to work so hard to build a life in a new country, taking a break from time to time can make the children of immigrant parents feel as though they are being selfish or unproductive. 

For many of us, taking a break feels like we are not working hard enough to meet the expectations of our parents. Our parents may have felt pressured or obligated to work long hours in order to provide for the family. Therefore, when we take a break, it feels like we get an opportunity and privilege that our parents may not have had.

Given their own enormous sacrifices, parents often have high expectations for their children’s success. Due to this, immigrant children frequently experience intense pressure to better themselves and taking a break may not come as easy for them. 

Many of us who are children of immigrant parents know the struggle of working hard but yet we still feel guilty when we take a break. We might think to ourselves “why should I give myself time off when my parents did not have that luxury?” But it is important to remember that taking a break is okay, and it doesn’t make us less worthy or mean that we are selfish. 

Taking breaks can be beneficial to your health. These moments can ground your anxieties, recharge your energy and strengthen your mindfulness. Moreover, taking a break can also boost your productivity and motivate your mind. There are many different ways to take breaks to maintain good mental health. 

Here are some tips on taking a guilt free break that can help alleviate anxieties.  

  • You can do something you like. Watch a movie, go on social media, draw, or do a puzzle. 
  • You can do something active. Working out and being active is a great way to take a break. Try going for a jog, walk, do some simple stretches, do yoga, or a bike ride. You will feel good by increasing your endorphins and this will help your body rest better when you sleep.
  • If you want to take a break from work or school, but still be a little productive, try doing some household chores. This gives you a chance to step away from work while also staying productive. 
  • Take a moment to go and get something to drink, if it is either going to the store or going to the kitchen. These simple tasks are great ways to have a moment to yourself.

Remember, just because you are taking a break does not mean you are being selfish or unproductive. Give yourself a moment and be proud that your immigrant parents have given you good work ethics and a chance for better opportunities.  You are a strong and hard-working immigrant child, there is no guilt in that.  

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