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Insights into Solitude

Written by Huma Malik

Social relationships and community integration are important for well-being. We naturally desire a sense of belonging. With the advent of mobile technology, we are more dependent on technology to communicate. Although communication has changed how we socialize, meaningful relationships and community connections remain fundamental. For example, creating online groups for similar experiences, sharing resources, and receiving support have become popular ways to connect with others. While social isolation and loneliness can have psychological and health risks, positive solitude has several advantages. Time spent away from social engagement can be rejuvenating, much like taking a breath of fresh air.

Among the many benefits of a solo flight away from our flock are:

Your energy level will feel recharged: As rewarding as always giving to others, it can also be exhausting. A candle that constantly burns on both ends will eventually burn out. You can face life with your light and strength when you energize yourself.


Self-discovery: By being alone, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. In the absence of the opinions or influences of others, you have the chance to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. You are free to determine your choices, such as what makes you happy, what makes you passionate and what you are interested in learning. Likewise, an honest self-examination, looking at our strengths and weaknesses, helps improve our personal qualities. A sense of comfort and confidence from knowing oneself helps us make decisions that align with our values and goals. 


A state of spiritual reconnection: In moments of quietness, we are reminded of how interconnected we are all. When this happens, we can feel a sense of peace, connectedness, and oneness with the universe. The more we learn to be at ease and follow the flow, the less weight we feel on our shoulders. We can live a more peaceful and harmonious life when we let go of expectations and attachments. Accepting that things do not always turn out our way allows us to focus on the small moments and stay present. As we acknowledge our limited control over the universe, we can appreciate its beauty and mystery. By staying present and stepping away from the business of life, we can create a connection to our inner wisdom, stay open to life’s surprises, and remain connected to our souls, humble existence, and God.


Boosts creativity and problem-solving: Our brains can have trouble focusing when overloaded with information from multiple sources. As a result, thinking of creative solutions becomes difficult, leading to paralysis of decision-making. Individuals can retreat into solitude and think deeply or engage in creative activities alone.


Strengthen relationships with others: You can re-evaluate your experiences and interactions by taking time for yourself. Taking time away can help you refocus and allow you to return to your relationships with newfound insight, empathy, and appreciation.

Here are a few suggestions for awakening solitude: 


Digital Boundaries: When we take a break from screens, our brains and bodies have a chance to rest and recharge, which can have a positive impact on our mental health. For example, limit the amount of time spent on screens at the end of the day. You can use this time to reflect on the day and think about the things that are meaningful to you, which can help you feel more grounded and connected.

Journal it: Writing can be a space to process emotions, hear your inner voice, and gain insight. The process can be cathartic and can reveal feelings and thoughts that never previously became apparent. It is possible to find hidden gems within yourself by diving deep into writing.

Being in tune with nature: Nature is calming and restorative, which can help us find balance and harmony in our lives; a beautiful way to refresh our minds, bodies, and souls. Various studies have shown that connecting with nature through our senses, such as looking through windows or at photographs, petting animals, or listening to birds, can enhance mood and health. A natural setting can be a great place to practice solitude.


You can discover your inner beauty and potential by cultivating your inner garden during a time of solitude. Taking care of yourself can lead to so much growth in your life.

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