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The Legacy Harriet Tubman’s boldness

Harriet Tubman was an American abolitionist, humanitarian, and an armed scout and spy for the United States Army during the American Civil War. She is best known for her role as a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, a secret network of safe houses and activists that helped escaped slaves reach freedom in the North.

In her time of slavery, she endured abuse that went as far as blunt force traumas, which caused her to have seizures, narcoleptic episodes, and severe headaches for the rest of her life.

Tubman overcame a life of hardships and contributed to transcendent causes, such as:

Abolition of Slavery

As a fierce advocate for the abolition of slavery, she dedicated her life to helping enslaved people escape to freedom. She made 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 slaves, including family and friends, using the Underground Railroad.


Women’s Rights

Harriet Tubman was a strong and determined woman who defied the societal norms and expectations of her time. She was a leader and inspiration to other women, especially African American women, who sought to assert their rights and dignity.



Beyond the abolition of slavery, Harriet’s compassion and commitment to helping others is one aspect of her Humanitarianism. She also worked as a nurse and cook for the sick and wounded soldiers during the Civil War, later opening her home as a rest and convalescent home for elderly African Americans.


Civil Rights Activism

She spoke out against segregation, discrimination, and other forms of injustice. Harriet Tubman’s activism helped lay the foundation for the modern civil rights movement.


Tubman’s Legacy

As someone who grew up in a different culture and period, I’m glad to have eventually learned about her story since she is an example of a person I admire most.

Her actions inspire people worldwide to work towards a more just and equitable society. Her courage, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to freedom and justice have made her an enduring symbol of hope and inspiration.

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